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eSports news from Tuesday, December 12, 2017

- ?One of the hard things about following CS:GO is that players don't always stay with their organizations for an extended period of time. For a variety of reasons, players occasionally go without a team as efforts are put forth to form a new one. For a little while now, there have been a few notable European players without a team. With the official launch of a new organization, that's changed. We

- Translated by Reddit user TISrobin311, Dae-hoon "Runner" Yoon revealed that RunAway's Sang-hoon "Kaiser" Ryu will be leaving the team. During a stream on Dec. 11, Runner mentioned that Kaiser will no longer be a part of RunAway due to a personal reason, but he did not disclose what it was. Since the news broke out, Kaiser has only made one tweet, seemingly confirming Runner's news. ggs — Kaiser ..

eSports news from Monday, December 11, 2017

- Adois (Illidan-US) was Limit's fifth healer. He sent his other co-healers spoofed links that forced them to disconnect to get a raid spot for himself. Limit is currently at 10/11M in Antorus. Jeathebelle posted a series of interesting tweets today, revealing that one of their healers DDoSed other raid members to get a raid spot. Placeholder for tweet 940126010703597570 He also added th

- ?It seems as though some big changes are in store for one particular European League of Legends team. On Monday morning, Team ROCCAT announced their plans for the upcoming season in a Facebook post to their official page, regarding the treatment of the players, new staff hires, as well as training changes and living space upgrades. Meet our staff for 2018 and the infrastructure changes we did fo..

- ?At the PlayStation Experience this year, Capcom's margin for error was incredibly small. With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the horizon, the anticipation character announcements was high and Capcom delivered. Sakura, the Exuberant Youth, is done with school and jumps into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on January 16 ?! #SFVAE — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) December 11, 2017 Sakura ...

- Before the 2017 League of Legends All-Stars Event even started, J Team AD player and general professional legend, Chang "BeBe" Bo-Wei, had already announced his plans of retiring at the end of the 2017 competitive season. For many of his fans, as well as general members of the LoL community, this announcement brought sadness mixed with a bit of shock. 2016 LMS Summer ???????? ???Bebe???? ????? ??.

- ?Rollouts are important for Lúcio players. On certain maps, knowing the fastest route from spawn to an objective can be the difference between victory and an upsetting defeat. Reddit user Lucht was kind enough to upload a video of a Lúcio rollout on Château Guillard. While this map isn't available outside of the Arcade, if you decide to play Lúcio on this map, the following video may be of use...